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Sunday 15/4/2012

By Allison Biddle

As I was thinking about these prayers I kept on visualising God with outstretched arms – as I thought about events to pray for in the world they were wide and all-embracing, and then the arms became closer and tighter as the prayer ideas came closer to home, ending up in a very personal hug as we pray for those people very near and dear to us. As we offer our prayers this morning, followed by The Peace, share and feel the Lords all-encompassing embracing hug of care and compassion.

Let us pray for the people of Syria as the death toll continues to rise despite the tentative ceasefire. We pray that your embrace will protect and comfort not only the people of Syria, but those trying to provide humanitarian relief. Pray for meaningful and purposeful dialogue as a means to ending the bloodshed.

We pray for the people of Norway as they prepare for the trial of Andres Breivik. We ask that you support all involved as they recount the tragic events of the murders of 77 young people. Your embrace is needed to support feelings of anger, hurt, desolation, and reconciliation.

We remember all those who died, as we witness this morning the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titantic. 1512 people are known to have lost their lives and we pray for all today who are involved in maritime safety.

We pray for the singer, Robin Gibb, who has been in remission from cancer. He is in a coma after suffering from pneumonia. We pray for all people with cancer, their families, their friends and colleagues and also for the health workers. Embrace them all and provide them with your loving protection.

We pray for all those who are part of Caversham Park Church – for our ministers, for the church wardens, for the social club and the church committee; for all those who come to share in the service - each person has their own reason for being here and we give thanks for the opportunity to share prayers with one another.

We pray for the people know to us in this church and known to us individually. Candles have been lit for Brenda’s husband, John; Toni’s friend, Maddie; all merchant seamen who have died since the sinking of the Titantic; Heather as she leads worship in Southampton. We pray as we celebrate four Birthdays – Heather, Michael, Anne-Mary and Toni.

We pray also for those others who have not been mentioned. We know your arms will extend out to all, whether spoken aloud or in our thoughts.

As we feel the warmth and security of your embrace, we know that your presence stretches across the entire world and your embrace can touch every one of us, wherever we are, and whatever our circumstances.

We ask that you accept these prayers for those far and near, in the name of your son, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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